4. Anthropogenic characteristic

The following characteristics of the territory are considered:

  • demographic features: number and dynamics of the population; in the last 10 years the population with permanent address in the town of Nessebar has increased by 1 557 people and by 31.12.2010 it is 11 377 people. In contrast to the general trend of growth of urban population, the population of the Ancient City of Nessebar is virtually constant – 1 780 people in 2000 and 1 790 in 2010;

  • economic characteristics – leading role of tourism and the related to it activities has been registered (comprising over 80% of the income of the population), in return for the decreasing importance of the primary and secondary sectors;

  • social infrastructure and activities;

  • technical infrastructure: transport (road network, public parking places, infrastructure of the public and sea traffic, conditions for access of the physical environment) and technical networks (water supply, sewerage, electrical supply, telecommunications);

  • equipment for coast protection – special importance has the consolidation of the sea-shore of the western section of the southern and the northern coasts executed in the 1980s of last century, as well as partially in 2003-2004; within the frames of the work on the MP lacking at present projects for coast protection equipments have been discovered, the chronology for their execution has been studied and their effect on the erosion and landslide processes has been considered.