2. Five-year programme 2013-2017

It is planned in the first five-year period to develop the major programmes and to begin their execution, as well as to realise specific projects and actions that are already identified. In that sense, as key period will considered till the end of 2013 (the first year of the implementation of the adopted MP). The five-year programme is elaborated as indicative table with the following requisites:

  • activity (programme, project, activity): type, name (or short description); description of the projects included in one programme, as well as the actions on its elaboration;

  • execution period: start and duration by months;

  • institution responsible for the initiating and execution; partner institutions/juridical persons (if existing);

  • necessary financial means (excluding VAT) for the execution of the activity in general and of its components/steps within the frames of the deadline; in the cases when there is no possibility to specify in advance the content and scope of the respective activity, are pointed tentative values based on expert assessment and the final values will be determined on the basis of specific project or through the choice of an offer;

  • potential resources of funding according to their identification in the MP;

  • explanatory notes regarding the execution of the activities.

In the programme are included also activities with advisable character which are not direct result of the strategic guidelines of the MP, but their execution could contribute to its implementation.

Obligatory activity in the last one-year programme of each five-year period is the development of programme for implementation of the MP for the next five-year period.