4. Programme 2012 for urgent actions

The Programme considers the expected duration of the procedures for co-ordination and adoption of the MP and also – the necessity of the execution of current or urgent activities related to the management of the processes the Ancient Nessebar. Its implementation should be executed independently of the procedure of the adoption of the Plan and its operation date. This decision is taken by the initiative of NIICH, in partnership interaction and by common consent between the Ministry of Culture and the municipal administration.

The programme for urgent actions includes:

  • activities obligatory according to the Cultural Heritage Act; other activities for execution;

  • initiatives and projects, planned in the MP whose execution has already started or has been planned by the municipal administration for 2012.

The programme is developed as indicative table in accordance with the structure of the respective strategic guidelines.

In this last section of the MP are elaborated also the aspects of implementation of the plan, referring to the supervision and evaluation of the execution; the requirements for the development of the succeeding one-year and five-year programmes are determined; reasonable grounds for possible succeeding up-dating and/or amendments to the Long-term programme are defined.

The MP also proposes a series of specific indicators (see the full text of the MP) for assessment of the implementation of the programmes, complying with the good international practices in this field.