8. Elaboration of specialised maps and registers of the heritage sites

For the implementation of the proposed guidelines for conservation, use and management of the property is absolutely necessary to provide actual specialised cadastre and topographic information for the immovable cultural heritage in the protected territories and the aquatory. For that aim and for the execution of the decisions of the 35th session of the World Heritage Committee, the MP programmes the development of a series of specialised maps and registers that should:

  • Within the frames of Programme 2012 for urgent actions is planned the development of initial geodetic data necessary for the elaboration of DSP-RBP (for the archaeological sites, green areas, relief and street facades);

  • In the Working Programme 2013 with work-schedule is planned to be developed specialised map and register of the archaeological sites, related to the archaeological survey (planned and rescue). During the same year is planned the elaboration also of specialised geodetic base with 3D model of the property that will be used also by the work on the Conservation Master Plan.

  • Within the frames of the five-year Programme 2013-2017 in 2014 will be given start to two groups of activities that will last during the whole period of duration of the MP: development of specialised map and register of underwater archaeology (development of a digital model of the bottom of the aquatory with air batimetric laser; measurement of sectors with sediment sonar and mapping); development and maintenance of an integrated specialised map and register of all immovable heritage sites in the ”Ancient City of Nessebar” and the buffer zone that will include all available geodetic survey and documentation and data-base for the heritage sites – land, underground and underwater.