VІ. Strategic guidelines for conservation, use and management

The strategic guidelines of the MP are set on the basis of: the world tendencies and the international experience in this field; the characteristics the outstanding universal value of the property; the priorities, strategic objectives and specific tasks of the Plan.

On the basis of this are set nine strategic guidelines that correspond to the objectives and tasks of the Plan can be implemented by the responsible national and local authorities.

In this connection, it must be stressed that the MP, being a strategic document, does not propose concrete operational decisions, which are on the basis of other operational instruments (conservation prescriptions, spatial plans, conservation plan, municipal ordinances, etc.). In separate cases the Plan recommends some exemplary options for concrete actions but these are not proposals for decisions which will become compulsory after the adoption of the project of the MP. They only aim at clarifying the respective guidelines and to facilitate the preparation of the future operational instruments.

To each group of strategic guidelines are pointed the main programme activities for implementing the guidelines within the frames of four specialised programmes:

The above programmes consider two types of programme activities for the implementation of the plan:

  • Practical activities for implementation, with the pointed specific parameters: content, stages and necessary resources that could be determined with probable exactness still in the process of development of the MP;

  • Development of programmes for future actions that will provide reasonable planning of these activities, without any risk for the property.

The programmes are presented in indicative tables and are included in PART VІІ of the Plan. In the present summary the main programme activities, for the sake of convenience, are listed by the presentation of each of the respective guidelines.

To the MP is also attached (in Volume 3) a series of specific pilot products, which are planned to immediately affect the present situation. These products are not part of the MP but are elaborated in parallel and in direct relation to it as a step towards the realisations of the proposed strategic guidelines. What is more, still in the working process of the MP were really implemented in practice some of its measures (for instance in the field of management, organisation of movable trade, promotion, etc.). These are real practical contributions of the Plan, set by the great responsibility of the public authorities to the future of the property. The acute problems established by the World Heritage Committee require urgent measures.