4. Promotion of the property

The MP considers the promotion of the property to cover all aspects of the outstanding universal value of the property, using most modern forms of communication. It is proposed the latter to be directed to the following target groups: the local population; the visitors of the town (tourists and excursionists); potential visitors from Bulgaria, Europe and all over the world; international organisations, institutions, scientific communities.

Promotion among the local population

It is proposed the existing municipal initiatives in this field to unite and grow into a long-term programme “I preserve Nessebar”, whose aim will be to engage local population in the processes of conservation, use and management of the property, to create transparent procedures, open approach and publicity of the management process of the property, to stimulate the dialogue between the population and the public authorities. The programme should deliver to the population comprehensible information for the urban values, for the methods and prescriptions for their conservation, as well as for the various possibilities for participation in the processes of conservation and management of the property (programmes, projects, etc.). It is planned to realise the recommendation of the World Heritage Committee to be prepared and given to every resident a Manual with practical advices for the conservation procedures and regulations and with information about different projects, local initiatives, etc. The already developed web page for the MP ( is a realised activity from the Programme.

Promotion among the visitors of the town

The MP considers entire promotion of the property among excursionists and tourists, as well as at all international tourist fairs, markets and exhibitions, where Bulgaria participates. The programme for promotion will be entirely coordinated with the envisaged in the MP marketing and promotion strategy, which includes various forms of distribution of knowledge for the property (publications, souvenirs, promotion products, website, multimedia, thematic films, modern art, exhibitions, etc.).

Promotion among potential visitors from Bulgaria, Europe and all over the world

The MP proposes to be prepared a programme for overall promotion of Nessebar at all international tourism fairs and exhibitions, where Bulgaria is officially represented. The Programme must be consistent with the indicated principles and be based on the planned in the MP coordinated marketing and promotional strategy of the World Heritage site. The Programme should integrate the various forms of heritage promotion in direct connection with the existing initiatives of the Municipality of Nessebar and with the intentions set in the Municipality Development Plan (2007-2013). In this case, the MP also complies with a series of remarks and recommendations of the residents made during the Public Discussion of the Plan.

Promotion among the international community

The strategy for management of the property, proposed by the MP, recommends large international promotion of the initiatives of the state for conservation of the property. The objective is to create broad resonance of the fact that the Bulgarian state undertakes the conservation of “The Ancient City of Nessebar” as national cause and state priority. What could be expected is that such an active promotion of the efforts for conservation of the property would stimulate international assistance in their support.

The MP also considers the distribution of specialised knowledge regarding the property among various scientific communities (publishing the results of the archaeological surveys, regular organising of the symposium “Mesemvria Pontica”, etc.).

Programme activities

The MP considers the above-mentioned guidelines to be implemented through series of activities in the specialised programmes for implementation of the MP:

  • Even during the work on the MP are already realised several pilot products to implement the guidelines for promotion: a group “I heart Nessebar” in the social network Facebook was created; in 2012 started a webpage for getting acquainted of specialists and the large public with the MP, related to its public discussion. As part of the pilot products of the MP, in the summer of 2012 in the Church of Christ Pantokrator was presented with a great success (over 20 000 visits) the exhibition “Nessebar and the bay in old maps (4th to 19th c.)”, as a realised pilot product of the MP (pilot product № 5).

  • It is planned within the frames of the working Programme 2013 with work- schedule to start the preparation and execution of long-term programme “I preserve Nessebar”. One of the first implementations of the programme will be development and distribution of the Manual “I preserve the Ancient City of Nessebar”. For the same period is planned the edition of publication dedicated to the MP, development of corporative identity and of promotion products for the property, as well as organising of International Forum “Conservation of World Heritage historic towns”, recommended by the World Heritage Committee.

  • Within the frames of the long-term Programme 2013-2032 is planned the publishing of luxurious double-language edition “The Ancient City of Nessebar – World Heritage”, that would present the outstanding universal value of the property, the measures for its conservation, use and management; as well as thematic editions, multimedia products, specialised website, etc.